Seamless Integration

Versatile Design

Designed to meet state-of-the-art orthopedic devices design. Sensor designs adapt to popular orthopedic implant designs with minimal components and compact designs.

Arthroscopic Implantation

Implantable devices are designed to follow the latest arthroscopic surgical techniques. Minimizing training and changes to surgical procedures.

Real-time Data

Enable precise mechanical reconstruction with real-time data during surgery. Measurements during and after surgery to enable optimal recovery.


Untethered recovery

Low profile detection device

Compact external receiver integrated into a wearable brace ensures no restrictions on motion during recovery and therapy sessions.

Rechargeable electronics

Rechargeable receiver braces help training anywhere anytime.

Record and transfer data

Data can be recorded and saved to phones and computers wirelessly and securely.

Rehab Therapy

Personalize recovery

Real-time Data

Measure the recovery in real-time with data.

Personalize Rehabilitation

Fine-tuning therapy with the help of quantitative feedback rather than qualitative pain management.

Informed Recovery

Physiotherapy feedback can be enhanced with the help of quantitative measurements.